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# Abstract

Takashi Mima a.k.a task4233 is a first year of master's program at Department of Information Science and Engineering at Shibaura Institute of Technology.

# Interests

  • Computer Science
    I have been studying the computer science at the university. Especially, a cyber security topic is the most interesting to me. Specifically, I have been really into malware detection since security camp. My thought about weakness of its recent research is a packing. Then, I believe that solving this problem is important in this research area.

  • Teachering Cource
    I have been taking the teaching cource(math, informatics, industrial chemistry) at the university.

# Awards

  • Scholarship Student in Shibaura Institute of Technology - freshman in University
  • 1st Place - SECCON Beginners 2018 Nagoya
  • Scholarship Student in Shibaura Institute of Technology - sophomore in University
  • 3rd Place - CTF in インシデントレスポンスで攻撃者を追いかけろ seccamp2019
  • Scholarship Student in Shibaura Institute of Technology - junior in University
  • 1st Place Hardening 2020 H3DX

# Certificates

  • TOEIC 720/990
  • Database Specialist
  • Graduated Security Camp 2019
  • Graduated Security Mini Camp 2019 in Yamanashi
  • Certificated SANS SEC560 OnDemand

# Links

# Skills

# Languages

# Frameworks


  • MySQL
    • Laravel
  • PostgreSQL
    • Production enironment on Heroku

# Other skills

  • Git
    • Version control
  • VM
    • I prefer VirtualBox to VMWare because of their costs
  • Docker(docker-compose)
  • Vagrant
    • Usually, I develop by using Vagrant(CentOS)
  • CircleCI
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